Adult Drivers


Adult Drivers:

18 years or older. We also specialize in older drivers who have never driven previously, from basic skills to advanced students, out-of-state and foreign. We prepare for the driving test as well as brush up lessons. Students with a valid California instruction permit can choose from a six-hour skill package. (Three days of two hour classes) or a twelve hour package which includes the six hour package going through all skills plus more detail preparation for and using the same car for the DMV drivers test (two hours each day for six days).

We also offer 4 hours package driving test with company car after having 12 hours behind the wheel with U.D.S. On the day of the driving test students will practice for two (2) hours going through all skills and do the test at the D.M.V. and return home.

What skills will be taught behind the wheel?

We also offer Traffic School.