Teen Drivers

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Teen Classes:

"Drivers Education" (classroom) Teenagers 15 1/2 through 17 1/2 are required to take a Driver's Education course approved
by the CA, Dept. of Motor Vehicles. (VC12509[a])

As of January 1, 2004, teenagers are required to finish Driver's Education and enroll in driver's training in order to obtain an Instruction Permit.

Driver's Ed. State requirements are 30 hours of classroom hours. (Classroom hours are 50 minutes long with a 10 minute break every hour.)

Options for Driver's Education:

  1. Attend classes for 4 days, Saturdays, or vacation days (Spring, Summer, Thanksgiving, and Winter breaks). Upon completion
    of driving school, will issue approved certificates and student(s) will be eligible to take provisional instruction test at DMV. Combined with our 6-hour behind the wheel get a $50.00 discount. *
  2. Teen students can do a home study course. But it's highly recommended to attend in a classroom environment because it's safer and more informative.
  3. We also offer Online Drivers Education.

* Get free in classroom Ed with our 10 or 12 hours behind the wheel plan. Ask about $20.00 off for friend discounts.


"Drivers Training" (Behind the Wheel):

Teenage drivers are required to drive a minimum of 6 hours with a certified driver instructor. (v.c. 12507 [b])

The minimum 6 hours of driving must be certified by the instructor under the penalty of perjury. (Section 350.[b], Chapter 1, Article 4.6, Title 13 Code of Regulations).

This training is conducted in 3 sessions, 2 hours per day, once per week, or every other week. Your experienced instructors will help you practice in detail all the necessary skills to prepare for your driving test, and stress areas of defensive and safe driving techniques for accident prevention. The 12 hour behind the wheel lessons are usually twice per week.

Upon completion of the behind the wheel training, the student will be issued a Driving Training Certificate. Students, 16 years old who, have held the Instruction Permit for 6 months and who have finished 50 hours of supervised driving instruction by a California licensed driver, 25 years or older, may apply for a driver's license. (v.c. 12814.6[b][y])

If you purchase 12 hours of behind-the-wheel training, you are eligible for a free Driver's Education Classroom Course.


What skills will be taught behind the wheel?

Notice: A Provisional Permit for teens is not valid until the student starts behind the wheel training with the licensed driving instructor, at which time the instructor will sign it to validate. A 17 1/2 year old student can obtain a provisional permit with behind the wheel training.

Twelve hour behind-the-wheel training offers more detailed practice. This package contains 6 lessons that are 2 hours long.

We also offer TRAFFIC SCHOOL.